What is Design?

The creativity of Mind or a decorative pattern is called design. If you think something about any topic then You can draw it on Paper. Design is not just about the fonts,colors,images or layout but It reflects your thinking.

What is Digital Design?

If you draw or design using different softwares then This is called a Digital Designing.We use different types of Softwares to design our creation like

  • Corel Draw
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Design

After learning these softwares we design any logo,Business Cards,Brusher,Poster,Banner,Business Card, Restaurant Menu,Certificate,Image Editing work,English and Urdu Composing,Cover Pages,Books Designing,Flyer’s,Illustrations,Kids story books,Invitations,Invoices,Presentations,Vector Tracing, Cartoons,Stationary,Resume,cover letters,greeting cards,Birthday cards and Magazines.

Digital Designers

Digital Designers use their creativity and computer skills to develop any design.They create everything related to graphics and designs and may work in different fields like entertainment,education,advertising and do freelancing.