You Tube Competitors Analysis

YouTube competitor analysis

What is a YouTube Competitor? 

A competitor is a person who publishes content on you tube channels and uses the same topics which are used by you. It depends on the user who like or dislike the content.

Who are some competitors on YouTube?

Number Application Ranking
1- Vimeo YouTube competitor no one
2- Dailymotion YouTube competitor no two
3- Twitch YouTube competitor no three
4- Meta Cafe YouTube competitor no four
5-  IGTV YouTube competitor no five
6- Netflix YouTube competitor no Six
7- Swarmify YouTube competitor no Seven
8- Vevo YouTube competitor no Eight

What is VIDIQ? 

VidIQ is an online platform for you tube analytics and optimization. This tool is used by content creators. This website also has a google chrome extension, which allows analyzing data. It is usually compared with google chrome extension tube buddy and has similar tools also. It provides valuable data to improve video performance and channel growth. This tool is very useful for competitor analysis.

How to create an account on VIDIQ?  

  • Create account on VIDIQ.
  • Add your YouTube channel.
  • Search daily ideas about your channel niche.
  • Search your Niche. 
  • Click on “Add more Channels.”
  • Download VIDIQ extension on your chrome.
  • Go to YouTube 
  • Enter the keyword related to your Niche.
  • Check the performance of your competitors. 
  • This website displays all about the searched video.

Note: it is displayed after the activation of extension.

Key Features of VIDIQ

Keyword research   

                           It helps the content creators to better understand search volumes, competitions and related keywords to improve video quality.

Better results for videos

                                    VIDIQ gives tips to improve the ranking of videos and provides chances of better searches for your videos in search engines.

Competitor Analysis 

                           Users can check their competitor’s performance with his tool. This tool can analyze the you tube Channels, tags and engagement metrics. This information helps the content creators to make their performance better.

Social Media Integration

                                With the help of VIDIQ, users can integrate with social media platforms. It allows creators to share and promote their You tube Videos effectively.

What is a Tube buddy? 

                                    Tube Buddy is a popular browser extension that adds a suite of tools directly on the top of your YouTube website. It is a powerful you tube SEO tool for video content. It is a time-saving chrome extension to identify keywords and tags to target your videos. Tube Buddy is also useful in competitor analysis.

Key Features of Tube buddy

Better research for keywords 

                                          Tube Buddy helps identify relevant and high-performing keywords for video titles, descriptions, and tags, increasing the likelihood of ranking higher in search results.

SEO Optimization Tool 

                               This tool provides suggestions and optimization tips to improve the search engine optimization (SEO) of videos. This includes optimizing titles, tags, descriptions, and thumbnails to increase visibility.

Competitor Analysis

                            Tube Buddy allows users to analyze the performance and strategies of competing YouTube channels. This information can help creators identify opportunities and refine their own content and marketing strategies.

Video Promotion 

                Tube Buddy offers features that assist with promoting videos across social media platforms, engaging with subscribers, and managing comments effectively.

Analytics and Insights

Tube Buddy provides detailed analytics and data to help creators understand their channel’s performance, audience demographics, engagement metrics, and growth trends.

Note: Tube Buddy is a popular tool among YouTubers as it simplifies the optimization process and provides actionable insights to enhance the visibility and performance of their content.

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