What is Disclaimer?

A disclaimer is used to specify the scope of rights. It is exercised by parties in legal recognized relationship.


It is a statement which is responsible to prevent civil liability. Disclaimers are made to protect you from the effects of liability towards visitors.


A lawyer, who is running her personal blog or website and she is explaining laws in this website or blog. She uses the disclaimer to let her readers know that there is no personal relationship between her and them. Her Blog is simply written for information and professionally explains her profession.

What is disclaimer copyright?

A copyright disclaimer consists a statement that claims the ownership of original content or material.


Disclaimer is very much important for any website. It protects your business by claiming against your information which you have used in your site.


  1. It covers the medical health and risks
  2. Minimize legal risks
  3. Helps avoid unwanted lawsuits

How to Grow Business?

Requirements for the Disclaimers

Here are few requirements for the disclaimer

  1. Identify your goods or services. Here goods maybe any object or material.
  2. Think about the liability you are subjected.
  3. Identify the rights you want to protect.
  4. Understand the limitations of all legal disclaimers.

Types of Disclaimers

Views Expressed Disclaimers

These are mostly on websites, blogs to let readers know that the opinions and thoughts are expressed related to the author.

Disclaimer without any Responsibility

It secures your business from the responsibility for damages from using websites and different applications.

Performance Based Disclaimer

It is commonly used on financial marketing websites where results are mostly unpredictable.

Our contradiction

We don’t host any copyrighted content on this website. The text on the website is used only for giving  information. It does not contain any data which is copyrighted. It offers a service to remove comments from my website if the copy righter of the content requests.

These requests are valid only if they have 

  • Your company is, the copyright holder of the content in question.
  • You provide the complete name of the content in question.
  • Please provide the exact website URL.
  • Kindly send the removal request using a verified email address for example “address@yourname/yourcompany.com”.
    If your request complies with all these rules and regulations then send a mail to satnam197@gmail.com.
    Please keep the correspondence polite.

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