Online Tutorials

Online Tutorials are self-study because these are used to provide information about the specific topic at home. Online Tutorials are the source to provide knowledge step by step. It is  the part of easy learning process due to no time limit. Online tutorials are very easy and interesting more than ordinary books. These are very convenient because you don’t need to attend lectures in class room physically. You can read and watch the tutorials according to your requirements.  The users are not bound to attend or watch these tutorials with the other course fellows. Users or students choose their time by themselves.

Advantages of Online Tutorials!

Our online courses, materials and tutorials are very easy for students. Students study at the comfort of their home. Sometimes material can be tough on different website and learning sources but this website provides learning material in easy text form and also accessible in the form of images, videos which are very simple and understandable.

Main advantages of online Tutorials are

  1. Works from anywhere

  2. Revise Lectures easily

  3. Focus on ideas

  4. International and Local Group communications

  5. Flexible learning schedule

  6. Free Professional training

  7. Easy accessible on anywhere

  8. Information Retention

  9. flexibility


Importance of Video Tutorials!

Video tutorial allow you to learn for personal and professional grooming. Visiting different websites and learning is very important for professional success however these websites should be user friendly. These tutorials give knowledge to users without leaving their homes. Our website provide you the facility to attend online without going to any school and university.

Our Online Tutorials!

We are trying to provide best knowledge from basics to advance level through our lectures. These lectures can help you to do work professionally in market as well as in freelancing too. We guide you step by step and trying to make our work perfect with your co-operation.

Computer Video

Computer video

Computer video is very easy method to convey your messages due to its advantages. You can understand any message or any topic with the help of few minutes video. Video is very simple way to give you knowledge with the help of text, images and short clips. You tube and daily motion videos are the example of this kind of data.

What is Computer?

Computer is an electronic device which accept data as an input. Keyword is the example of input and used to give it. Computer works and process on that data. Processing is done the computer processor. Finally, computer outputs that data. Monitor is used to give output.

So, three main devices work in this processing

  • Keyword
  • Processor
  • Monitor or LCD

Advantages of Computer

Major advantages of computers are

  1. Works quickly
  2. Process data accurately
  3. Saves data permanently
  4. Time saving Machine
  5. Connects you with internet
  6. Sort, organize and search information
  7. Keeps you connected
  8. Can make money for you
  9. Using in all fields


Video is used for recording, playback, broadcasting and display your data on visual media. It converts your information and data in visual form for better understanding and convivence. video is best due to its advantages.

Advantages of video

  1. Increases efficiency 
  2. Saves money and time
  3. Great addition to your marketing
  4. Builds trust with others
  5. Easy to access
  6. Opportunity for self-study
  7. Effective learning 
  8. Attractive way to watch any information
  9. Easy to understand 

What is Computer video?

Computer video is used to give information about any topic. This information can be about computer and other topics too. The main objective of the video is gives knowledge about the specific content. The main purpose of our videos are provide information about computer skills. Our Material is available in text as well as in video form.

You can visit my YouTube Channel to attend Online Lectures

What is You tube Channel?

The main purpose of you tube channel is to give content to audience. When People have something new to watch and learn related to their interest they share and like. They stay longer on your channel and like to come back again to learn more and more. They visit your channel timely to keep themselves updated.

You can watch, share, subscribe and like you tube videos with the google account. You can also create your you tube channel to upload videos, and can make playlists.

here is the link of my you tube channel

The Purpose of my you Tube Channel

I am an IT Instructor. Teaching is my Passion. I have a lot of content which I want to share with my internet users.  Giving knowledge is very difficult however want to give proper time for online teaching.

Objectives of my you tube Channel

  1. Educational Channel
  2. Providing computer skills
  3. Have different blogs to share
  4. Want to teach
  5. Want to learn more through teaching
  6. To keep up to dated my self
  7. To share my knowledge
  8. Want to have more professional skills because I love Computer.

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