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What is Resume?


A Resume summary your experience related to your work or field. It has the experience, skills, Education and the achievement of any Employer. A Resume is a marketing tool what is used to communicate the job seekers. Resume is sometimes called does not matter that how much qualified are you and how much experience you have; Resume is consider a great source when your apply for a job. If you resume is poorly designed or written, then you are going to give a bad impression on the employer.

A resume is the source of presentation of your background and skills. A resume is a document of one or two pages to provide the applicant’s qualification for any job. You describe each and everything about you and your skills, Education, career, reference and extra qualification. In other words resume describes yourself and give a informative sketch about yourself.


Importance of well-designed resume!


A well-designed and well-written resume will impact your job hunt. It reflects your personality. With the help of well-designed resume, you can try to claim that you are the best choice for this job. A well-written resume is often the first impression a potential employer has of you. The first thing that a employer think about your resume is the layout. If the layout is good, then he/she would like to read further. The Layout should be eye catching it should motivate the employer to read your resume full and make a good impression about yourself.

If you are applying for the designs related jobs or positions rather than some official job, then it requires a flair of visuals. An attractive resume with good designs, best layout and decent colors are even more important. I think a good resume increases more than 50% chances to get any job.


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