Types of SEO?

SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization” and mainly SEO types are three

There are mainly three types of SEO but the other types are also important.

What Types of SEO are there? 

  1. Technical SEO
  2. On-Page SEO
  6. E-Commerce SEO

Technical SEO

Technical parts of website are called technical SEO like the list which is given below

Technical SEO Checklist

Sr.NO Check List
1- Web page speed
2- Readable structure of website
3- Website Sitemap
4- Redirections of webpages
5- Mobile Friendly website
6- Fixing of duplication in website
7- Better Understanding of Robot.txt

On-Page SEO

Anything is done on your web page like blogging, linking, web pages etc. is called “ON Page SEO”.

ON PAGE SEO Checklist

Sr.NO Check List
1- Title Tag
2- Meta Description
3- Keyword Density
4- Heading Tags
5- URL Optimization
6- Internal & External Linking
7- Anchor Text Optimization
8- Creative Content of website
9- Grammar
10. Image Compression
11- Image Alternate Tags
12- Image Name


Any things which are not done on your website are called off page SEO. We create links of our website to other websites.

Check list of Off-Page SEO

Sr.NO Check List
1- Submission of website to different search engines
2- Classified submission of your website
3- Image submission of your website
4- Submitting of PDF & PPT to different websites
5- Listing of Google business pages
6- Forum Posting
7- Guest Blogging Websites
8- Social Bookmarking
9- Video submission of your website 


Local SEO is same lie SEO but, in this strategy, you will try to rank your business locally.

Local SEO Checklist 

Sr.NO Check List
1- Local Keywords
2- Mobile Friendly website
3- Internal & External Linking
4- Good social Media strategy
5- Local Backlinks
6- Google Business Profile


Mobile SEO is the process of optimizing your website for smartphone and tablets users.

Mobile SEO Checklist

Sr.NO Check List
1- Best User Experience
2- Mobile Friendly website
3- Responsive Website
4- Good Page Speed
5- Technical SEO
Location of the Business

E-Commerce SEO

E-Commerce SEO is a method of making your business website more on search Engines.

E-Commerce SEO checklist

Sr.NO Check List
1- Responsive Design
2- URL Optimization
3- All Titles should be optimized
4- Page Speed Test

Services OF SEO

What are SEO Tools

SEO tools provide all data about the health of our website.

Free SEO Analytics Tools

Sr.No Free Tools
1- Google Analytics
2- Keyword Hero
3- MostCast Tools

Free Keyword Research Tools

  • Answer the public
  • Best Keyword Planner
  • Good Keyword Sheeter
  • Google trends
  • Keyword surfer

Advantages of SEO Tools

Here is top ten advantages of SEO tools


  1. Your business can expand easily
  2. Get greater internet presence easily
  3. SEO tools save your money
  4. These make your website easy to navigate
  5. Increase the traffic on your website
  6. Website is always updated
  7. You stay always competitive
  8. These tools can expand your business.

 What is SEO



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