What is Digital Media?

Digital Media

Digital media refers to audio, video, photo or textual content that has been encoded using a computer and can be transmitted digitally to people. This media information can be found on websites, different applications, Software packages, video games and many more.

Digital Media Examples                                            

  1. YouTube
  2. Ad Displays
  3. Mobile Message from any AC Company
  4. Facebook Advertisement

Digital Media Features                                            

  • Mass Reach
  • Interactivity
  • Social Networking

Mass Reach

Mass marketing is the name of promotion of entire marketing rather than the targeted group. With the help of mass reach, you can deliver your message with single click on you tube and Facebook. The aim of mass marketing is to advertising the large number of protentional customers.


  • Placing ads on social media platform
  • Advertising on social media
  • Posting on different platforms


Interactivity is the name of the response from the users on your any post in Facebook, Instagram and any other social media platform. The response can be in the form of likes, comments and sharing.


  • Blogs
  • Websites
  • User generated content
  • Interactive advertising

Social Networking    

Social networking takes place in social mediums like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn etc. we can create our social networking by using these platforms. For example, we can create connections in LinkedIn and can make a group of friends in Facebook. This group can be very useful if we promote or advertise our business.


  • Social networking (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, yelp, twitter)
  • Photo sharing
  • Video sharing
  • Community blogging

 Digital media Examples

Social Media Platforms   

Social media is a computer or mobile based technology that is shares ideas, thoughts and information through their large network.

Companies convey their message to customers by using it like Facebook, twitter, YouTube and Instagram etc.


Companies put their messages on websites. When User or customers visit these websites, they can interact with customers/clients.


These are small websites and forums which are created by users. These users are called blogs. Any person type blog and choose any topic for writing like photography. Blogs are regularly updated websites and webpages that are operated or run by any group or any person to write any information for personal and company use.

Emails and SMS

Many companies send newsletters and other material through emails They used to advertise them with SMS and Email.

Power of Digital Marketing    

Digital media uses digital electronic devices. The power of digital media is that there are too many people from all over the world who use this technology and have very deep influence.

Below is the table in which all information is given in tabular from. These facts are changing day by day because the users are increasing.


Live example of opening any new restaurant and go to internet to check the latest menus from customers.

Some Important Facts about Total Population

Total Population 7.97 billion
Social Media users 4.70 billion
Mobile Users 5.34 billion
Social and digital media plate form users from mobile 2.74 billion

Digital Media Advantages

  1. Global reach
  2. Personalized Marketing
  3. Customer Engagement
  4. Content Variety
  5. Sales conversion
  6. Cost Reduction

Why do we need Digital Media?

  • Digital media empowers people
  • This media connects people
  • Is Used to create communities
  • Friend making option
  • Distance covering
  • It can grow your business easily

How does Digital Media work?

Digital media is transmitted as digital data by sending binary signals. The binary signals use 1 and 0 to translate data into audio, video, text, graphics, photos and many others.

Disadvantages of digital media

  • Social disconnects
  • Overloading of work
  • Lack of time management
Blog Content creation, Community Management, Advertising
SEO Your company name should be at top after search 
Online selling lead generation for clients
Online Campaigning What to Post? When to Post? Where to Post
Email Marketing or Mobile App Sending emails, different ads while using mobile apps.

                            Freelancing Jobs for Digital Marketers  

Digital Marketing skills for Non-Technical People

Community Management To manage any group
Posting Skills
 To post your content to different market places
To search about Product Advertisement on Internet.
Sells, Sales person Qualities
Performance Measurement
Skill of performance management
Client Dealing
Good business manners and behavior towards clients.

Most used Digital Marketing Tools

Face Book Insights Measure Post reach
Linked in
Facebook of professional persons looking for jobs and employers
Picture platform to share picture with has tag.
Text oriented platform to convey messages, politicians and celebrities use it.
You Tube Studio Videos about any content
Google Ad wards Advertisement on the websites of other people
Google AdSense To show ads on your websites
Blogger.com For blogging to clients its also for interest
Taboola.com Website or platform for native advertisement
Mail chimp.com Email Marketing, and Auto-mation



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