What is Business?


Business is making money by producing, buying and selling different products such as goods and services.

How to become a successful Business Man?

Who can do business or who can’t do business?

We have two types of people

  • Educated and Competent People
  • Uneducated People

Educated and Competent People

Educated People honestly complete their studies and become doctors, engineers and can earn maximum 2 lakh money as salary. They go to limited resources

Uneducated People

These are the rejected people from school and college and go to business side. They can do any type of work and it can be small as well as large but they go to unlimited resources. A business man can earn any income because they are not working on salary basis if any business man earns 100Rs per day many be earn thousands and after than he can earn in millions too because he is using unlimited resources. He doesn’t bound himself in a job.

Importance of Money in our Society

The money has very much role and importance in our society even a mother gives more respect and love to the most earning son and listen to him always among all sons.

The uneducated person can have any seat

If any person is uneducated but he is running a good business and he has much money then he has links too and can lead our society. This uneducated person can be elected as MNA, MNA, MPA or Minister on the behalf of his links and people can select him in an election if he decides to go to politics and role of our society.

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Ideas of Business

  • Handy Man

Any person who is skilled at a wide range of repairs like fixer and handy worker.

  • Wood worker

If you are passionate about beautiful furniture and other wood goods you can adopt this profession easily.

  • Sewing and alteration specialist

People always need clothing and alteration, if you are interested in this kind of work then you can do it. Start your work by offering simple services and then expand your work with different ideas.

  • Freelancer

If you have any skill like graphic designer, content writer, bloggers, web developer, Photographer then you do offer your services on different plate forms.

  • House Cleaner

You can give your services as a house cleaner like clean houses with a variety of different chemicals and machines. Wash clothes and towels. Clean washrooms with different chemicals.

  • Investor

This is the most easy work. All you have do nothing just invest money in different industries if you have some money.

 Rule of Thinking in Business

If you have positive and strong thinking then you can change the thinking of other people too.

There are many things are involved in the thinking like

  • Dreams
  • Plans
  • Exposure
  • Perception
  • Ideas

So, focus on your thinking. Study history, do calculations, and imagine the successful person. Share your ideas with interested people and do work for society, poor people and social welfare. Provide all facilities to your kids and family members. Make happy your Allah by doing positive for your society.

How to be a Successful Business man?

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