What is SEO?

Search engine optimization

SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization”.  It improves the position of your website because users click and visits the top websites. Search Engine Optimization is the process of increasing the number of visitors on your website organically using some keywords.

History of SEO!

                     SEO was born in 1991. In earlier, few websites were designed. Around 1991, many websites were developed and content was increasing. At that time concept of SEO was not developed. Accessing websites on different topics were difficult. Need of accessibility started and search engine was invented that time.

The concept of real SEO started in 1996 when Larry Page & Brin started working on search engines during their studies. Earlier Search engine name was Backrub, later it became Google.

At start SEO was not so technical. It was so simple and we had to put keyword in one or places like title and in content.

Working of algorithm in SEO

                                                 After simple working of SEO, Google find opportunity and started working on its system. The main goal of Google was to create and update that system. This system is called algorithm. Google started checking on relevancy and quality of content. Google realized the quality and relevancy of websites and ranked the quality-based websites.

Algorithm is working on some rules to define which website comes first after the searches from user.

“So algorithm is a complex system that is used to find, rank and return the relevant page after the keyword from user.”

Benefits of SEO

Elements of SEO!


                      Keyword searching is the first step in successful SEO.

Meta tags

                   Meta tags tell important information to search engines about the pages.


                 Content is very important in SEO it is just like “King”.


                    These are also very important to advertise your website. Backlinks are like “Queen”.

Product images

                              Images are also play important role in SEO. Visitors not only check your content but also click on image. Good and relevant images bring interesting users on your website.

Who are Search Engines optimization Experts?

                                        They help businesses or websites against the searches to rank the people search and ultimately help them in sales and leads.

All SEO experts should know about it.

  1. Understanding of all SEO levels
  2. Excellent communication skills
  3. Social skills
  4. SEO expert should use the quality-based content.
  5. Ability to use all SEO update tools
  6. Google certified

Free online Courses for SEO!

                                     Here are some top websites from where you can learn Search Engine optimization for free.

Sr.No Website
1. www.alison.com
2. www.coursera.org
3. www.start.digitalcareerinstitute.org
4. www.hubspot.com
5. www.digiskills.pk/

Benefits of Search Engine Optimization

SEO Benefits

Why SEO is best for Business

                                                    If you want to promote your business you can make a website in digital marketing to promote your business globally. Therefor many websites are making or developing day by day to business promotion. People are going online. They are busy in making Digital Presence of their work or products.

Search Engine Optimization is for every business because people use google first to purchase any product physically.

This technology brings Most targeted visitors only. Only serious visitors come to your website through organic search.

SEO is affordable Marketing

                                                        SEO is not costly. You can rank your business organically by using SEO techniques. Many freelancers work for you on cheap rates.

SEO Brings Complementary Benefits

                                                                        Like your content is always updated. Your website is Up to dated, your website uses dynamic design and structure to grow your business.

Search Engine Optimization

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