How to use Pages in word?

Pages in word allow you to make a sequence of all data in word.

 Pages in word!

          To use pages in Microsoft Word, navigate to the “Insert” tab, then select “Page Break” to start a new page or “Blank Page” to insert a blank one. This separates content and creates a better structural view document for easy readability.

Where to use pages in word?

          Word pages are used in file for various document needs like!

  • These are helpful in academic papers, reports, resumes, books, and any lengthy documents to make a sequence in file.
  • These are used to create separate sections and maintain a professional appearance.

Advantages of using pages in word


1- Content Organization    MS word Pages help to organize lengthy documents.
2- Formatting Control  

Separate pages for separate content enable distinct formatting for different sections.

3- Improved readability  Pages in file enhances document clarity and readability.


Efficient Editing


These are better option to read file easily and Eases content management and revision.
5- Professional Presentation  They create a polished, professional appearance.

Cover page 

          Cover page is just like a title page to start any document and work as a cover on every file. It indicates the main page before start reading from first page.

How to apply a cover page?

  1. Go to insert tab.
  2. Navigate to pages section.
  3. Choose cover page.

Blank page 

        It is used to insert a blank page on the cursor position in a word file.

File Editing


  • Go to the insert group.
  • Click the blank page from the pages section.

Page break 

          With the help of this button, you can insert a page break in the current file.


  1. Choose page break after going to the pages section.


       Ctrl + Enter button to activate page break in the word file.

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