Using of Tables in Word

How to use Tables

What is Table in Word?           A table is the combination of rows and columns and is aligned in a proper grid. It enables you to properly enter data. We can present any information in a table in a professional way. Table show all data and text in a visually organized way. Tables are versatile tool which allow the customization of cell size, borders and alignment. Why we use tables in documents? Tables are used to 1- Organize information properly. 2- They enhance readability. 3- To create a structured layout…

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How to use Pages in word?

Pages in word allow you to make a sequence of all data in word.

 Pages in word!           To use pages in Microsoft Word, navigate to the “Insert” tab, then select “Page Break” to start a new page or “Blank Page” to insert a blank one. This separates content and creates a better structural view document for easy readability. Where to use pages in word?           Word pages are used in file for various document needs like! These are helpful in academic papers, reports, resumes, books, and any lengthy documents to make a sequence in file.…

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How to use the File Editing group?

Importance of File editing

 File Editing group of the home tab?           The “Editing” group or section of the home tab includes different tools that allow you to make changes in your document. These changes can be found, go to, replace, Selected objects and select all. These commands are for file editing. Find        It finds out some specific text from the file. Methods Press ctrl + F Click on “Find” button from editing section. Or Press F5 to find out some specific text. Go to    …

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Paragraph Setting in word

Paragraph setting

How to do Paragraph Setting in word? The paragraph setting means to format and organize text in a document. It allows users to align, indent, set spacing, border and shading and other formatting elements. With the help of paragraph section, you can give a professional look to any paragraph. Bullets and Numbers If you want to format text in list form you have to used it. Types of Lists           Unordered list         This list contains items in different forms bullets and designs…

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What is formatting in Word

What is formatting? Formatting in my words is the name of changes on text like font No Command 1- Font Size 2. Color 3. Highlight Color 4. Bold 5. Italic 6. Underline   Advantages of formatting It enhances your text, and the text becomes prominent. The text visually organized in a proper way. Formatting beautifies your text. Text becomes more readable. Presentation of text becomes more professional. How to do formatting in word? There are different buttons available to perform different tasks. MS Word Font Section  Font size How to…

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MS Word

What is MS Word?                           Microsoft office word is a word processing software designed by Microsoft company. It is used to type letters, Applications, timetables. This application is also used to design CVs and compose books too. It has become an essential tool for professionals as well as students to perform different documents processing commands. Basic of Word                  It is offering different tools, but you should learn at least basics like formatting,…

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