MS Word

What is MS Word? 

                         Microsoft office word is a word processing software designed by Microsoft company. It is used to type letters, Applications, timetables. This application is also used to design CVs and compose books too.

It has become an essential tool for professionals as well as students to perform different documents processing commands.

Basic of Word 

                It is offering different tools, but you should learn at least basics like formatting, editing and form designing.

Advance Features!

It offers a wide range of features like

  1. Spell checking
  2. Font options
  3. Grammar checking etc.

Word also supports like

  1. Images
  2. Tables
  3. Smart art tools
  4. Other media elements.

users can collaborate in

  1. Track changes

I also offer response templates or various purpose like resumes and reports.

Top 10 advantages of using Word. 

  • User friendly Interface
  • Easy and Best formatting
  • Spelling and grammar checking feature.
  • Editing templates
  • Collaboration features
  • Quick sharing with Oher Microsoft features
  • Multimedia supports
  • Auto correct and auto complete features
  • Password protects with different levels.
  • Accessibility options

Job Scope!


Administrative assistants are used this tool to create and format letter, reports and memos etc.

Content Writers, Journalist and Editors are using to compose and edit stories and articles with this software.

Students and Educators are very closed to word for academic purposes like lessons plans, handouts, and thesis.

Office Managers daily uses it to create different types of administrative documents, letters and memos.

Data Enry Operators type data into digital documents.

Human Resources Professionals use this type o word processing software for creating job offer letters, employee contracts, and HR-related reports.

Marketing and Sales Professionals daily use this application to design promotional materials and sales proposals.

Lawyers and legal assistants compose legal documents, contracts, and other documents related to court.

Consultants and freelancers are mostly using MS Word to create client reports, proposals, and requests.

Project managers use this program for preparing project plans, status reports, and project documentation.

Business analysts also this amazing software to create business requirements and create analysis reports.

Researchers mostly use it for preparing research papers, thesis documents, and academic files.

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