MS word

MS Word

MS Word

MS Word is the software of Microsoft Office Company which is used to do office work like application and letter typing. It is very useful software to do your work quickly and efficiently. It is also called as M.S Office.

Job Scope of Microsoft Office Word?

It is basically the software of office work but when you learn the latest version of M.S Office we come to know that you can do many tasks with this simple software.

After learning you can do these types of jobs easily

  • Office Job
  • Receptions
  • Composing
  • Cover Pages Designing
  • Simple Logo Designing
  • Poster Designing
  • Flyer Designing
  • Typing Work
  • Invitation Card Designing
  • Simple Basic Calculations
  • Form making and styling
  • Paper composing
  • Designing the Syllabus of kids etc.


word online

There are many colleges, Institutions and universities from where you can get enrolled and learn the skills related to computer but when you think about internet sources you can easily learn this course without paying any fee and without leaving your home.

  • First of all you can search this course through google.
  • Second you can also use You tube. You tube is very useful and free source to learn different skills.
  • This website is also offering to learn MS word with easy Examples.

Here is a channel link from where you can learn easily Microsoft Office word with easy examples.

Get With Learn

Usages in Office Work

  1. Application Typing
  2. Officially Letter writing
  3. Writing Reports and Memos
  4. Form typing and formatting
  5. Resume Making
  6. Integration with other office Programs

Major Features of MS Word

  1. Mail Merge
  2. Macro
  3. Changing Case facility
  4. Quick Parts
  5. Bulleted list to smart Art
  6. Basic Calculations
  7. Attractive Formatting
  8. List to table conversion


We can use MS Word to create any type of Business documents, like company reports, proposals, Plans, Forms and even Books. There is a wide variety of using MS Word.

You can use this software in daily and professional life to create letters, resumes, applications, brochures, templates, business cards, Cover pages, Reports, Memes, Newsletters with best quality and attractive designs.


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