Google Content?

google content

What is Content?

Content is very much important to rank your business. It can be text and all content is not text only. Images and videos can also be the part of content.

Types of content


Text can be in any language. Your entered data is called text. Google maintain text in its database. Google indexed that data and knows about any language.


Your picture, logo, icon and visually design is called image.


You can watch and listen videos. You can convert your text and images in videos. YouTube is a complete platform to display videos.


Music, recording, sound, songs even your online lectures. Google indexed them and you can access this type of data from google. This search engine provides results in audio form depending on your query.

Other types

  • G maps
  • Google translate
  • Google assistant


Gmaps or google map is the service developed by google. It tells about geographical regions and sites around the world. Google maps offers satellite views of all places. It also provides information about the street views.

Google Translate

Google translate can translate text or written words into different languages. It is very useful tool. if you don’t know about any foreign language and you don’t want to learn any language you can use it for your convince. It can translate any language into your local language.

Google Assistant

Google assistant can guide you to navigate Maps. You use it on android as well as on IOS devices. You can interact with google assistant with your voice too.


        visual content is very important now a days. People can easily capture pics or         make movies now a days.

Google a Search Engine or Company?


Google has different networks of websites that provides effective and powerful content. The content can be in form of text, images and videos. Google Provides all types of medium of information.

Google is one of the best companies in the world that offers better data about any topic. It also offers different certifications to enhance our professional knowledge.

The quality material is helpful for students. If you have best content the users come again and again. Creating effective content is not only useful the users but it also ranks the website.

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