What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing

Digital marketing is a technology and a strategy which uses online channels to grow any business. It uses internet, mobiles  ,social media, search engines. You can easily Promote your business, any product through this technology.


Digital marketing was first introduced in 1990. It became very popular with the development of internet and digital tools. Now this technology is growing daily and people are using it to promote their business free.

Difference between Digital and Traditional Marketing

This technology includes digital channels, tools and data to increase the effectiveness of your Business. This type of marketing uses social media, search engines, telemarketing etc.

The Marketing which don’t use any type of latest technology  is called traditional market. This type of marketing is not online. This marketing relies on offline methods like print, direct communicate, books, newspapers, magazines, posters, TV, Radon and billboard.

Major types of Digital Marketing

  • Search Engine Optimization or SEO
  • Search Engine Marketing or SEM
  • Email Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Pay per Click Marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • viral marketing 
  • Mobile marketing
  • Content Marketing

Best Tools for strategy


Marketing strategy




Social Media marketing



Email Marketing



You tube Marketing


Digital Media


Disadvantages of Digital Marketing:

  • Your mostly depends on the technology
  • You can face Technological Issues
  • Negative feed back and reviews are received in form of small mistakes
  • You can face Privacy and security issues
  • You must face world wide competition
  • You will face the cost of maintenance tools

Advantages of Digital Marketing

  •   Cost of maintenance tools are high sometimes

  •    You can easily make clients through social media.

  •   Your product or business can easily promote.

  •   You can find customers or users on daily bases easily
  • It is Easy to earn
  • This technology is Easy to learn free.
  • your Product and service will reach to  globally and free.


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