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google search engine

What is a  Google Search Engine?

Google Search Engine A search engine is a service which works on world wide. This service is used to search any type of information on the internet .The search engine works on the base of any keyword. A keyword is a special word which is the source of that information With the help of this keyword we receive any detail about the specified topic.

Google Search

  1. General Searches
  2. Specific Searches 

General Searches

Mostly we use for general searches. Ping can also be used but Google is mostly commonly used search engine.

Specific Searches

  • Google map to search maps
  • Google images to search images on google
  • You Tube is used for Videos.
  • Book Search to find out books only.
  • Audio search engines for example life Wire
  • Slide Share for PDF and documents along with Presentations.
  • Job Search  like Indeed and LinkedIn engines to find out jobs
  • Blog Search engines like google and Technorati to find out Blogs tools.
  • Q And A search engines like Quora and Yahoo answers to give answer of your question.
  • People search engines like Duck Duck go to fine people.
  • Business search engines like to find out business opportunities
  • Directories search engines like google to provide web directories for local businesses.
  •  search engines like Archive works like a digital library to show world wide information
  • Regional Search engine like Bai-du which works locally.

Google Content

 Search Engines

Most commonly used Search Engines are

  • Google
  • Bing
  • You Tube
  • Archive
  • Face Book
  • Yahoo
  • Quora
  • Twitter

Google my Business

Google my Business is a free tool which is allows you to promote your business and website on google maps and google search. With this free tool you are connected with your customers and check how many customers are interacting with you.

How to describe your business on google?

It is very easy to add the business description on google.

  1. Simply login to your google my business dashboard
  2. click on your company listing
  3. Click on info
  4. Add business description
  5. And save this info


Google search engine is very useful for searches from all over the world. It provides overall a good and quick result on any topic to users. It works efficiently.

This search engine allows user to quickly and find effective information that is genuine off course. You can access any data without navigating to number of webpages which can be irrelevant.

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