Google a search engine or a Company?

Google started from a search engine but it is not only a search engine. It added many products time by time. Now google is a company which own many businesses and Products.

Google Products

Google has different products but I described main and famous products and tools.

Web based products

  • Search tools
  • Advertising services
  • Communication and publishing tools
  • Development tools
  • Security tools
  • Map related products
  • Statistical tools

Launching programs from google

  • Operating systems
  • Desktop applications
  • Mobile applications
  • Mobile web apps
  • Mobile standalone apps
  • Hardware services
  • Google Calendars
  • Mail
  • Google map
  • Google News
  • You Tube
  • Chrome browser
  • Google Translator

Special Products

Google Ad sense:

Google allows anyone who want to participate in this program.This is the Business marketing source which is used to give earning source also.Google earns a lot of money from this tool and google also provides the share of others whose have good and unique articles on their websites.

Google My Business:

Google My Business is a free and easy to operate tool.It increases the rating of your Physical business if you verify and enter your business details.You can also help your customers to find your business.This is the business promotion tool from google.

Google Analytics tools:

It is the free and most popular digital system to allow you to give you details about the visitors that how many users are coming on your website. It also provide the valuable suggestions to grow your business.

Tag Manager:

It is very fast and efficient tool to check and manage marketing tags or tracking pixels/code on your website without changing the code.

Search Console:

It is the free and fast service offered by google that helps you a lot.It allows you to check whether any web page is blocked or working.

Other products:

Google provides the Docs,Sheets,Slides to do all your business work can access all data online if your PC is not can edit your work and multiple users can do this task at a time.

Other most commonly Used Products:

  • Calendars
  • Photos
  • Contacts
  • Alo
  • Duo
  • Chat and Video Chat

Hardware Products and OS


Google launched its phone therefor google is also a hardware company.


It is the smart speaker and is designed to work as your assistant.This is used to communicate with you.


It is a mobile operating system that was designed to used for cell phones and tablets.

Wear OS:

Google launched the Watch which has the software named wear os. This keep you connected to your health and people all from your wrist.


With the help of this product we don’t need the setting of modem. It provides the reliable internet coverage throughout your home.

Chrome book:

it is the totally different from google chrome.It is the laptop .It runs only with internet when you connect this product all google applications like office contacts etc are installed in this product.


Alphabet: A parent company of google.It is a system of letters of language written of spoken in the proper order.It focus on broader aspirations than those that fit within google mission of organizing the world’s information.


Google is not only a search engine it is a big company with different products. Might be u will be operate automatic cars of google company some day.

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