My Computer “in my opinion”

I spend a lot of time in front of my PC.He never get bored of me.My Pc never hurts me.Any time I can open it.When I do practice on it.He never disappointed me.He made me perfect even I gave him little time.I know PC is machine but He never hurdle in my life.Every time I use it.He gave me good response.

I think Computer can be a friend.You Passes a quality time with PC.You depend on your PC.PC is not selfish like your human being friend.Computer has the answer of all questions.Computer is helping me a lot.It relieves my stress,save my time and money.My PC never fights with me.He never ignores me even I ask it any question even at mid night.It always give me the solutions of my all problems.

Do U all know that I am laughing after reading these sentences and I thought that I am only one person in this world who thinks like this and love PC but I am surprised after reading the articles of other people about their PC.They have same thinking like me.That’s why I am happy that I am a normal human being otherwise I was going to think about my self as a Pshycho person.


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