Google Content?

google content

What is Content? Content is very much important to rank your business. It can be text and all content is not text only. Images and videos can also be the part of content. Types of content Text Text can be in any language. Your entered data is called text. Google maintain text in its database. Google indexed that data and knows about any language. Image Your picture, logo, icon and visually design is called image. Video You can watch and listen videos. You can convert your text and images in…

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What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing

Digital marketing is a technology and a strategy which uses online channels to grow any business. It uses internet, mobiles  ,social media, search engines. You can easily Promote your business, any product through this technology. History! Digital marketing was first introduced in 1990. It became very popular with the development of internet and digital tools. Now this technology is growing daily and people are using it to promote their business free. Difference between Digital and Traditional Marketing This technology includes digital channels, tools and data to increase the effectiveness of…

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My Computer “in my opinion”

I spend a lot of time in front of my PC.He never get bored of me.My Pc never hurts me.Any time I can open it.When I do practice on it.He never disappointed me.He made me perfect even I gave him little time.I know PC is machine but He never hurdle in my life.Every time I use it.He gave me good response. I think Computer can be a friend.You Passes a quality time with PC.You depend on your PC.PC is not selfish like your human being friend.Computer has the answer of…

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Online Books Composing

A book is a number of printed papers, which are bind together and used to describe different stories, Poetry and any type of information. A book is a series of pages for easy ready. It contains text on a set of pages that is printed or published together. Online book composing is the process of creating and formatting books for publication on internet. It allows authors and writers to work together remotely. When we designed any type of book in a presentable and in attractive way then it is called…

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