What is YouTube?

What is you tube channel?

YouTube is a world-wide online video sharing platform. It is also a social media platform to earn money. Its headquarters is in California. It was first launched on February 14, 2005. Steve Chen, Chad Hurley and Jawed Karim were the founders of YouTube. It is owned by Google, and it is the second most visited website in the world.


Why should we use YouTube?

  1. To get popular
  2. To earn money
  3. To promote your business
  4. To build your confidence

YouTube Stats 

No No of Active Users of you tube No of active YouTube Channels Videos Uploaded to YouTube
1- 122 million users per day 51 million YouTube channels 3.7m new videos are uploaded new videos per day

Advantages of YouTube

  • Source of learning
  • User friendly website
  • Brand Promotion
  • Source of Popularity
  • Source of Income

Source of learning

                      YouTube is the best source of learning for students. You can get information, education, certifications through You tube without going anywhere.

User friendly website

                           YouTube is a website that can be easily operated. This website is easily used by kids, adults, old and young. That is why this website is called user friendly.

Brand Promotion

                            With the help of YouTube, we upload our video content on the internet. So that we can promote our product and brand. This gives any company a new audience and also speedily promotes the business.

Source of Popularity

                           YouTube has made sharing video content very easy. When the same video content is liked by many people, The content creator also becomes famous and can be a brand influencer one day.

Source of Income

                      When a user uploads the best and quality content on YouTube. YouTube generates income for every video. Users can earn good income after sharing their content on this website.

Social Media Platforms

1- Facebook
2- YouTube
3- WhatsApp
4- Instagram

Types of Users

  1. Content creator
  2. Content viewers

Content Creators

                          People who create their own content for you tube are called creators.

Content Viewers

                          The people watching the created content are called viewers.

Why should we use YouTube?

  • To get popular
  • To earn money
  • To promote your business
  • To build your confidence

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